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Water Heater Rebate Program (water heaters 40 gallons or more)

  • $75.00 when replacing an existing electric water heater with a new electric water heater
  • $200.00 when replacing an existing gas or oil water heater with a new electric water heater
  • $200.00  on new construction

(All rebates are subject to a maximum amount of $500.00 per member per year)

Demand Response Units

The Moreau-Grand Electric Demand Response Program provides an opportunity for members to play a significant role in controlling costs at your cooperative. When everyone uses power at the same time it creates demand peaks. The peaks, which usually take place on the coldest winter days and hottest summer afternoons, are costly and can lead to higher electric bills. By working together, we can manage energy consumption. Call today and receive a $50 incentive to join the program.


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