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Understanding Your Electric Bill

Information that identifies you and your membership as a Moreau Electric Cooperative member owner:

  • Account number

  • Service location number

  • Meter number(s)
  • Billing name and current mailing address

Information about your electric consumption:

  • Meter reading dates
  • Meter readings
  • kWh consumption
  • Rate designation(s)
  • Any credits due

Billing and payment information:

  • Previous balance
  • Any applicable late fees
  • Amount of current bill
  • Payment due date
  • Billing date

Electric Rates

Rates have four basic components:

  1. Facility Charge - This charge reflects the cost of having your service energized and available for use at your discretion. It is charged to all connected accounts, regardless of how much, if any, electricity is consumed.
  2. Energy Charge - This charge reflects the cost of producing the energy used. Since this charge is billed on a per kilowatt-hour (kWh) basis, the total cost will vary, from month to month, with the amount of electricity consumed during the billing period. There also may be different energy charges associated with varying levels of consumption (declining block rate).
  3. Demand Charges - Some rate groups, mostly large commercial, industrial and agricultural accounts, may be charged a demand charge. This is based on the level of demand, in kW, that the particular account contributes to the cooperative's system peak demand for electricity. These peak demand periods are both monthly and seasonal in nature, and therefore, the demand charge per kW that is applied to a particular account may change during the year.
  4. Taxes - Electric bills are subject to current tax law. Any increase in existing or new taxes shall be added to the charges.
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